Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this the same Butter Chicken Spice Mix from The Pantry Shop?

Yes it is! I am the original owner of The Pantry Shop when it was first established in Wharf St, Tauranga.

Where do you ship?

We’ll post your order anywhere in the world, except Australia.

Is the Butter Chicken spice mix hot?

No, not at all, it’s very very mild. Suitable for kids and anyone who doesn’t like spice heat. There are no hot spices or chilli in the ingredients at all.

Do you make a hot Butter Chicken spice mix?

Sorry no, not at this stage. But you can do what I always do, as I love hot food and my partner doesn’t, just sprinkle on ground cayenne pepper or chilli powder to your meal.

Can I substitute the cream?

Yes of course. Coconut cream or Greek yogurt are both great options.

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