8 Tips on how to roast your own spices

Here’s your guide on the best way to roast your own spices

Dry roasting then grinding spices is the best way to extract the flavour out of your spices and into your home cooked recipes. These simple tips can make the difference between a good meal and an awesome one!

Roasting your own spices will guarantee freshness. The problem with buying spices from your supermarket is you don’t know how old they are. You’ll also find most spice mixes don’t roast their spices at all. Check before you buy!

The only equipment you need is a fry pan and coffee grinder. Some people recommend also using a sieve, but if your grinder can grind coffee well enough then it will do your spices as well. You don’t really need a sieve.

Guide to roasting and grinding your own spices…

Tip 1: Only fry whole spices, never ground
Tip 2: Use medium to low heat, never high
Tip 3: Never use oil, you must dry roast your spices
Tip 4: Roast in small batches to avoid burning
Tip 5: Always stir your spices constantly, never leave them
Tip 6: Use a high sided wok with a large wooden spoon
Tip 7: Cook for a few minutes until you can really smell the aromas
Tip 8: Always cool your spices to room temperature before grinding them

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